The Freedom in Celebrating Sane Choices

The freedom in celebrating sane choices. Sometimes it can be overwhelming when we are expected to do EVERYTHING in our life PERFECTLY. Sometimes it's okay - even encouraged! - to make the sane choice, and to celebrate doing it!I made a sane choice recently. Sane choices are not my default, so I always try to appreciate them (and point them out to my husband!) when they happen.

I started Wildflowers and Progress because I love writing, but I accidentally became obsessed with the other components of blogging. Writing shrank to just a sliver of what encompassed “working on the blog”. When I wasn’t working on it, my internal wheels were turning on what I “should” be doing.

I should be on Pinterest a bunch, I should be active in Facebook groups, I should be publishing new content every week.

Every. Week. Every. Monday. Like. Clockwork.

Then a few weeks ago, I made a sane choice. The lesson from it applies to so many different areas of life, and I couldn’t be more pleased – and relieved!

The Sane Choice

A Monday came and went without a blog post.

I just let it pass by.

I didn’t polish up a rough draft for or stay up late before my early flight to knock one out.

Instead, I made a sane choice and skipped it.

And then I did it again with the following Monday. And then a few more!

Here’s the key: I wasn’t slacking on my responsibilities, because blogging (as much as I love it!) is not a responsibility.

Blogging is not my priority. It’s my pleasure.

Distinguishing Between Priorities and Pleasures

"You can do anything, but you can't do everything." -David Allen || Wildflowers and Progress Blog about making sane choices. Learn what to give your 100% to!

I have a God to serve, a husband to love, a home to care for, a business to build, a job to work, and family and friends to be present with. Those are my priorities.

Sometimes I get confused because I want to do my best – and that’s not bad thing! But there just isn’t enough time in the day to be excellent (or realistically: an over achiever) at everything I do.

I’m reminded of the Dave Allen quote: “You can do anything, but not everything.”

That’s hard for me, because I want to do everything, and I want to do it all excellently.

But the truth is, trying to do everything PERFECTLY is a recipe for insanity! My husband can attest!

So what I try to do – and what I got a refresher course in with my recent decision about the blog – is to choose a few things to do excellently.

Essentially, to figure out what my priorities are, and do those excellently. 

And do the rest well enough with the leftover time and energy.

Maybe, for you, blogging is a priority! Maybe it’s how you make money or your sacred alone time. Great! Put it on the priority list!

But for me, I noticed that my growing obsession with my blog was taking up time and energy that – had a been more intentional or aware – I would have put toward other things.

So it got bumped.

And the world kept turning, and sanity and relief settled in. Nobody even noticed.

Celebrating Sane Choices

Sometimes that’s the hard part with sane choices: that nobody notices.

People notice when you coordinate events, show up to parties, bring the three tier cake to the potluck, etc. Nobody notices the internal victories of making a sane choice.

Nobody notices the victory in deciding not to vacuum before guests come over, in opting for brownies from a box instead of from scratch, or in skipping the event that you’d just be going to out of guilt – especially when what your soul really craves is a night in.

Sane choices are usually the choice to do less, and unfortunately, those are rarely celebrated.

The freedom in celebrating sane choices. Sometimes it can be overwhelming when we are expected to do EVERYTHING in our life PERFECTLY. Sometimes it's okay - even encouraged! - to make the sane choice, and to celebrate doing it!That’s why I think you should celebrate your sane choices! As often as I can, I tell my husband, “I made a sane choice today!” And I tell him what I was going to do, and what I did instead. Tell your husband, text a girlfriend, comment here, for crying out loud, just tell someone!

Because if you are not giving into the the pressure of expecting perfection in every area of your life, you, my dear, deserve to be celebrated!

The freedom that stems from these celebrations and choices is worth it!

What sane choice have you made recently? 


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Kendra Sanders

Hi! I honestly believe this post was written just for me. Juggling writing my books and working on the blog is a mental struggle sometimes for me. I am so glad to hear that it’s ok to take a step back and breathe. Instead of mentally beating yourself up about what you’re not doing. I loved this post ❤️

Molly @ My sweet lilac

This is so true! “You can do anything but you can’t do everything.” I need this reminder daily!


We all have to find (and celebrate) what’s right for us!


I recently had a similar situation. It is a pleasure to glorify God through blogging but it is not my top priority. Giving it its space without allowing it to encroach into other areas is so important. I love the same choice you made!


Oh my goodness, this is awesome! I’ve never thought about it in the frame of making “sane” choices. They so are though. Those little or big choices we decide on to help things be easier or help ourselves be happier are actually ways to stay sane. Love this!

Bria | Tendril Wild Blog

Blogging is one of my top priorities, but even still, it can’t be perfect. Life happens, and sometimes, you just want to take a step away from what you “should” be doing to do what you *want* to do instead. And that’s okay. I get too caught up in the daily blogging tasks that take up so. much. time.

This is a timely reminder for me that it’s okay to take a step back and relax.


Yes! I love this! Sometimes we put SO much pressure on ourselves!