Introducing: Wildflowers and Progress

Wildflowers and Progress IntroductionIf we’re being honest, I’ve been a little nervous about this first blog post for Wildflowers and Progress. If we’re being super honest, I’m a little nervous about ALL the blog posts. And it’s a prideful, unrealistic kind of nervousness. If this blog is written to give people hope that they and their lives don’t need to be perfect (which it is), then I’ll need to write about ways that I and my life aren’t perfect (which I’m/it’s not).

But here’s the internal struggle: I don’t want you to know that I and my life aren’t perfect!

Like I said, prideful and unrealistic, right? Because the fact of the matter is that you do know that I’m not perfect, especially if you’ve spent any time with me. That’s not intended to be a self-deprecating knock, it’s just the admittance that faults are not hard to find.

And here’s another fear: I don’t want you to know that I struggle with perfectionism.

A little crazy, right? But I feel like somehow, I don’t deserve to be a perfectionist. Perfectionists have their houses in order and their outfits always match and they can achieve the perfect liquid liner wing-tip. I, on the other hand, have dishes in the sink, no idea what I’ll wear today, and heaven help my liquid liner skills. I feel like admitting that I want to be perfect is opening myself up to people saying, “Really? You’re a perfectionist? But you’re such a mess.”


But I have a hope that’s bigger than my struggles and fears: I want it to be safe to be imperfect!

Because, how sad is it that everyone deals with some version of the same fear of embarrassment, and most people (including myself!) are scared to admit to it! People don’t go to yoga because they’re not flexible. People don’t take art classes because they can’t draw. People don’t go to the gym because they’re weak. News flash! That’s what you do to become flexible, learn to draw, or get stronger!

So, cue the drumroll. . .

​Introducing: Wildflowers and Progress! 

Friend and me in the wildflowersI’m really excited (and like I said – nervous) to introduce this blog! My goal with Wildflowers and Progress is to have a place where we can admit that some parts of life can get a bit unruly, chaotic, and out of hand (wildflowers). BUT that it’s still okay to make imperfect progress towards our goals, without shame about where we started or where we currently are (progress).

​So join me, as we begin this journey together! Let’s make it safe to be imperfect, embrace the craziness of life, shirk off the idea that you need to be good to start, and start making imperfect and shameless progress toward those things that we really want!

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