Blogger Recognition Award

I have exciting news! Wildflowers and Progress was nominated for the Blogger Recognition Award – three times! This award allows bloggers to publicly recognize other blogs they enjoy and recommend, and then those bloggers have the opportunity to pay it forward. Many thanks to Natalie at Content With Simple, Autumn at Anywhere With Autumn, and Elise at Ask Dr. Ho for my nominations. I’m honored and flattered!

Where Wildflowers and Progress Began

Just like all roads lead to Rome, all signs pointed to blogging. Well, three of them, at least. Firstly, I desired a way to weave my passions into my life, and I wanted a hobby that was just for me. I’ve always loved writing, and I love projects that encourage (mandate, even!) continuous learning, so blogging was tempting. Simultaneously, I took over our social media at my day-job, and I liked the idea of a sandbox where I could learn and make mistakes without reflecting poorly on the company. Finally, Allie Trowbridge wrote Twenty-Two Letters. I grew up going to the same church as Allie, and her publishing a book encouraged me in my dreams to to publish a book someday. She proved it could be done, so I should preserve those college-refined writing skills from rusting!

So I decided to blog!

I saw many beautiful blogs of people showing the best parts of lives – wonderful trips, beautiful homes, picture perfect avocado toast! I wanted to contribute a blog that said, “If you’re like me, your life can be a bit of a mess. That’s okay. Let’s find beauty in this mess together, and hopefully get a little better.” And thus, Wildflowers and Progress was born!

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