3 Things Frisbee Taught Me About the Sabbath

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3 Things I Learned About the Sabbath from Playing Frisbee

Keeping the Sabbath is attractive to me. I want to be a person at rest, and the Sabbath is God’s weekly gift of rest. I’ve been reading, studying, and praying about the Sabbath lately, and on a recent road trip, I had an unexpected mini-breakthrough in my understanding.

My husband and I were on a 3,585 mile road trip, and on this particular day, we had a 10+ hour drive ahead of us. We decided to stop every 1.5-2 hours to stretch and prevent burn-out. Since we were driving primarily along the Oregon coast, this often meant stopping to play frisbee on the beach.

Funny enough, it was these frisbee breaks that gave me more understanding of the Sabbath.

So here they are: three things frisbee helped me understand about the Sabbath!

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