About Wildflowers and Progress

Welcome! I’m glad you’re here. Wildflowers and Progress is a blog about finding beauty in chaos (the wildflowers) and grace in progress. In a Pinterest-perfect world, it’s hard to admit that we don’t all have our acts together. With this blog, I hope to spread the message that we are not alone in our messiness, it’s not all bad, and we don’t need to stay in our mess.

Overall, my goal isn’t to produce yet another representation of a life that is better online than it is off. I probably won’t even give “Ten Steps to a Perfect Whatever.” Instead, I want to show you how I’m working to make my offline life better – including my missteps along the way – and maybe give you the permission and inspiration to do the same!

I post on Mondays, and invite you to subscribe to my blog and follow on social to stay up to date!
About the Author
Now, a little bit about me. My name is Lila Noffsinger, and I live in the heart of Silicon Valley, CA. I’m married to the wonderful Ken Noffsinger, the love of my life and man of my dreams. We’re both Santa Cruz natives, and most of our family still lives in that weird little beach town. I’m a recovering perfectionist, and learning to become okay with check-boxes going unchecked, and dishes going unwashed – at least for a little while.