Do More By Caring Less – A Lesson from 2 YouTubers

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I recently watched a YouTube video of Larry King interviewing internet sensation Jenna Marbles. Don’t ask me why I watched it. I don’t think I could give an answer that would be satisfactory to either of us.

But one thing that caught my attention is that Jenna Marbles Рwhose comedic YouTube videos receive millions of views per day Рshoots, edits, and uploads her videos all in one day.


Meanwhile, I ho and hum over getting one blog post out for an audience that is, let’s just say, smaller. ūüôā

I want my blog to be good, but as a result, it ends up stagnant. No content is quite ready to go up, and since I released myself from the pressure of posting weekly, nothing gets posted.

Can you relate? Do you have projects in an “almost done” state?

Jenna Marbles’ “all in one day” mentality isn’t quite right for me,¬†but there has to be a compromise between obsessing indefinitely and doing it all up at once, right?

Luckily, another YouTuber has an answer!

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3 Things Frisbee Taught Me About the Sabbath

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3 Things I Learned About the Sabbath from Playing Frisbee

Keeping the Sabbath is attractive to me. I want to be a person at rest, and the Sabbath is God’s weekly gift of rest. I’ve been reading, studying, and praying about the Sabbath lately, and on a recent road trip, I had an unexpected mini-breakthrough in my understanding.

My husband and I were on a 3,585 mile road trip, and on this particular day, we had a 10+ hour drive ahead of us. We decided to stop every 1.5-2 hours to stretch and prevent burn-out. Since we were driving primarily along the Oregon coast, this often meant stopping to play frisbee on the beach.

Funny enough, it was these frisbee breaks that gave me more understanding of the Sabbath.

So here they are: three things frisbee helped me understand about the Sabbath!

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The Freedom in Celebrating Sane Choices

The freedom in celebrating sane choices. Sometimes it can be overwhelming when we are expected to do EVERYTHING in our life PERFECTLY. Sometimes it's okay - even encouraged! - to make the sane choice, and to celebrate doing it!I made a sane choice recently. Sane choices are not my default, so I always try to appreciate them (and point them out to my husband!) when they happen.

I started Wildflowers and Progress because I love¬†writing, but I accidentally became obsessed with the other components of blogging. Writing shrank to just a sliver of what encompassed “working on the blog”. When I wasn’t working on it, my internal wheels were turning on what I “should” be doing.

I should be on Pinterest a bunch, I should be active in Facebook groups, I should be publishing new content every week.

Every. Week. Every. Monday. Like. Clockwork.

Then a few weeks ago, I made a sane choice. The lesson from it applies to so many different areas of life, and I couldn’t be more pleased – and relieved!

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Blogger Recognition Award

I have exciting news! Wildflowers and Progress was nominated for the Blogger Recognition Award –¬†three times!¬†This award allows bloggers to publicly recognize other blogs they enjoy and recommend, and then those bloggers have the opportunity to pay it forward. Many thanks to¬†Natalie at¬†Content With Simple, Autumn at Anywhere With Autumn, and Elise at Ask Dr. Ho¬†for my nominations. I’m honored and flattered!

Where Wildflowers and Progress Began

Just like all roads lead to Rome, all signs pointed to blogging. Well, three of them, at least. Firstly, I desired a way to weave my passions into my life, and¬†I wanted a hobby that was just for me. I’ve always loved writing, and I love projects that encourage (mandate, even!) continuous learning, so blogging was tempting. Simultaneously, I took over our social media at my day-job, and I liked the idea of a sandbox where I could learn and make mistakes without reflecting poorly on the company. Finally, Allie Trowbridge wrote Twenty-Two Letters. I grew up going to the same church as Allie, and her publishing a book encouraged me in my dreams to to publish a book someday. She proved it could be done, so I should preserve those college-refined writing skills from rusting!

So I decided to blog!

I saw many beautiful blogs of people showing the best parts of lives – wonderful trips, beautiful homes, picture perfect avocado toast! I wanted to contribute a blog that said, “If you’re like me, your life can be a bit of a mess. That’s okay. Let’s find beauty in this mess together, and hopefully get a little better.” And thus, Wildflowers and Progress was born!

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A Housekeeping Tip for the Hopelessly Untidy

Tidy your home in half the time with this helpful housekeeping tip! Is anyone else’s home constantly untidy? I love spreadsheets, but my house can look like a tornado hit – shouldn’t it be one or the other? Organized or not?

Apparently not. My closet is beautifully color coded, but my worn clothes end up in a heap on the floor. ¬†I’m at peace when the house is clean, yet I kick off my shoes who-knows-where when I get home. I have a cubby for my phone, but I know for a fact that it’s currently in the kitchen by the dishes.

In short, I have trouble being tidy.

I’ve been this way for as long as I can remember. My junior high homework planners were perfectly organized, yet whenever my best friend Melissa came over, she went straight to my bedroom and closed all my dresser drawers. We’re still friends, and she hasn’t stopped.

But there’s hope!

When I remember this tip, it cuts my tidying time in half! Thank goodness! I’ll take all the help I can get.

So without further ado, here it is:

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